This will be Up-Cycled!

We all know a lot of older furniture is made REALLY well.  Many older items have very
unique styles, classic lines, and stunning looks.  If you have replica furniture made, it tends to = a high cost, if you buy inexpensive replicas the comfort is often short lived.


Before – Check back to see the After 🙂


WHY DISCARD?! Often, NO reason to discard.  Call and make an appointment to have Daniel assess it with you.  He will give you an honest quality assessment, then you can make an educated decision about Up-Cycling, also considered a type of recycling.  Many times the cost of “resurrecting” a beautiful quality piece of furniture will cost less than buying a newer item.  When you resurrect your item, you also get to customize it with your choice of fabrics, colors, texture, and /or print.

In the long run, it will be more meaningful & you might even enjoy it more.

It’s a labor of Love, Fun and a Creative process!


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